Two Don’ts of LinkedIn

Linkedin small

When it comes to LinkedIn I have two pet peeves:

  1. People who connect with me and don’t bother writing a personal message.
  2. People who endorse me that cannot attest to the skills they are endorsing me for.

Make It Personal
I take my LinkedIn community serious. I don’t connect with people who cannot add value to my network. There are qualifiers to be able to “Link In” with me.

  • I know you on a personal/business level. We have connected multiple times in the past.
  • You are an acquaintance that I have met before. We have had at least one conversation or interaction.
  • We have yet to meet but we are in the same industry or group and there is value in adding you to my network.

Granted there are gaps in my qualifiers and a chance for lost opportunities to connect with individuals. If there is someone I want to connect with but have yet to have a prior interaction, I will send a personal message asking to be added to their network – I expect the same from others.

If you want to connect with me, take 1 minute to write a quick note about who you are and why connecting is beneficial to either of us. I am not a witch, I won’t turn you down, unless your request is completely outrageous.

Not taking a moment to write a personal message and sending me the default message will result in me ignoring your request.

Don’t Endorse Me If You Can’t Speak to My Skill Set
I view endorsements like recommendations (in the real world and the LinkedIn feature). If you are endorsing me for a skill, you should be able to talk to that skill if someone asks. This is a value add for my business and career and I don’t want fake endorsements from people that I have never worked with.

Have you read my blog and want to endorse me for blogging? That is fine. Even if we haven’t worked together but you have seen my work with other clients, that is okay. Just don’t go through and click “endorse all” when LinkedIn prompts you. Take a moment and think about it. In the LinkedIn endorsement world, for me, quality is more important to me that quantity. Better yet, if you really can speak to my skill set go and write a recommendation.

Interested in learning more about LinkedIn and what it has to offer? Join me on September 26 at North Shore Community College as I will teach you how to make the most of your LinkedIn network.

Photo credit: TheSeafarer via photopin cc


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