Be a Mentor and Give Back

I have a mentor, I am not afraid to say it.  There are always lessons to be learned and if I can have assistance in building up my business and being the best businesswoman I can be, then I am going to learn those lessons and make the most of those moments.  Lucky for me, I have amazing female mentors who listen to my issues, provide perspective, and hold me accountable for ideas and projects I am working on.


Even though my mentorships developed before the Tory Johnson Spark and Hustle conference in Boston this past June, the concept of women-building-up-other-women was something we talked about and discussed during the 1.5 day conference.  This venue allowed women entrepreneurs and businesswomen to come together to help one another.  We shared our stories and listened to lessons learned by others who have blazed the path ahead of us.  The entire point of this conference was to help one another…females helping females;  like-minded entrepreneurs up against the same issues, fighting the same stereotypes, battling the same problems that we all come across.


(left to right) Julia, my former business partner, Tory Johnson and I at the Tory Johnson Spark and Hustle conference in Boston.

Tory and her friends encouraged women to connect and make BBF’s (Best Business Friends) and help one another out.  Since Spark and Hustle, Tory Johnson has launched the BBF Connection to further connect women entrepreneurs.  This conference and initiative is a healthy way to reverse the “women-hating-other-women” competitive attitude – we have all have witnessed.

I understand that it is biological and goes back to the Stone Age where “cavewomen” had to fight for the attention of “cavemen”.  Men had many “seeds” to plant and weren’t restricted in their mating choices…however, women had limited eggs and were out of commission for 9 months.  For the survival of their offspring they chose the best candidate.  Leading to a competitive attitude towards other cavewomen.  So it is nice to see that we are finally evolving and using our nurturing nature to help other women and not just our own children.  As the saying goes “The rising tide lifts all boats”.

The lesson I hope to bestow is:  Rather than go around and talk negative about your female competition, or do something negative that may affect their business – do something positive that will help others – Nurture, Mentor, Grow.

mentor wordle 2

This blog was inspired by an article written my Marcia Cross on “What the Flicka” website.

It is important to note that that there are more than one mentors in my life, I chose to highlight these two woman-based relationships for the purpose of this article. 

Image Sources: Microsoft Clip Art, Personal Album/Art


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