What is JO Social Branding?

JO logo

I am SOOO excited to share my latest business venture with everyone!  I have started my own business!   JO Social Branding, takes all of my skills and pulls them into this umbrella brand.  Since I left my corporate job at the end of last year I have been finding my way in the freelance world.  I have found that I have many attributes that are valuable to others.  Those being my knowledge of social media, my blog writing abilities and photo book design skills.  However, when asked “what do you do?”  I often stumbled.  Then I realized the common thread and created JO Social Branding.

JO Social Branding helps businesses and individuals manage their images – online and offline.

  1. Stress Free Social Media Consulting I work with small business owners in developing their social media footprint (image).  I help them discover their social branding needs and then how they can accomplish them.  By teaching business owners social media, it helps their business in the long run.  “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day.  Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  If you are interested in Social Media consulting – click here to schedule an appointment with me.
  2. Social Media Training – I teach social media training courses at North Shore Community College.  From Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Blogging and Social Media Apps, I help individuals understand social media and how to manage their online image.  Check out my course calendar for more information.
  3. PR-defied (Blogging) – As you know, I love to analyze news stories from a PR perspective.  Most recently this has also crossed over into how celebrities and businesses promote their images online and in the social media world.
  4. Jean9 Designs (Photo Book Design) – I stumbled upon this when I designed my own albums and had others comment on how beautifully arranged they were.  I have since found there are many people who wish to create their own photo albums but don’t have the time.  I take their images and organize them into memory keepsakes for years to come.

I welcome all of you to check out my new website www.jeannineoneil.com and let me know what you think!

~ Jeannine O’Neil



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