Angie Miller: Preview of What’s to Come

Angie Miller-6959If you follow Angie Miller on social media you see snippets of her life through the social media lens.  She has been tweeting lyrics and sharing bits of what is going on in LA as she prepares for the American Idol tour set to launch on July 19th.  Today, during my lunch date with Tana, Angie’s mother, Angie called and we chatted for a few minutes.  She provided a sneak preview of what is going on and what is in store for her future.

As she rehearses for the tour, Angie is already thinking beyond the summer and working on writing music for her future album.  During the day Angie and the other Idols work with two choreographers preparing and practicing routines.  Angie shared, “We are working our butts off, getting in shape and realizing how out of shape we are.”  Angie stated, “It is hitting us that in just over a week is our show.  It has been crazy, I have been really sore but I am loving it.  This show is going to be awesome!”  Angie stated that she will be singing, ‘You Set Me Free’ and hinted to another original being performed as part of her set.

After rehearsals are finished for the day Angie then hops in a taxi and takes an hour drive to the studio to write music with her team.  Angie shared, “Since I came out here on June 11th, I immediately started writing a ton, I’ve been writing with incredible writers that I always dreamed about working with.”  Angie goes on to state that she loves the creative process and she can’t believe the caliber of talent that she is working with.  Angie spoke very highly of the music they are producing and hopes these songs will convince record labels to sign her as an artist.

The drive, stamina and potential this young lady has is amazing.  She is going far and is already planning and preparing for her career after the Idol tour.  Make sure you catch her on tour and then keep your eyes peeled because it won’t be long before recording labels grab this multi-talented pop star.  #DreamBig


11 thoughts on “Angie Miller: Preview of What’s to Come

  1. Angie, we’re so impressed and thankful at how hard you work. Now we know why you haven’t been able to tweet much. Forgive us #dreamers for being so needy and demanding. It’s just that we miss you so much! And to Jeannine – thank you, thank you, for your articles about Angie. Your blog keeps us connected to Angie and her family and we do appreciate it.

  2. Thank-you for the article. I always enjoy reading what you have to say about Angie. Really excited that that she might be performing another original song on tour!!! Thanks again 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for your time and effort to write about Angie. I know you’re busy with a lot of other things. I hope you keep updating us always. God bless you 😊

  4. Angie continues to show the world just how intelligent she is. She has made the most out her opportunities… let me correct that… she has MADE her opportunities. Because she did not win American Idol, she did not get all the “automatic” appearances that are granted to the winner. She did not have the opportunity to perform at the White House on the 4th of July or sing the national anthem at MLB’s All Star Game just to name a few. Candice Glover was given that opportunity (which she did indeed deserve) by winning this season. Angie instead was forced to create ways to keep herself in the publics’ eye.

    By having a real presence on Twitter, Angie has managed to provide a creative narrative of her life in the post-Idol days. Through tweets, pictures, videos and #AskAngie, she has been able to paint a compelling picture of her life on a daily basis. Add her fun, positive and quirky personality into the equation, and she has successfully maintained her place as the most popular American Idol contestant this season.

    Angie truly seems to be a humble person. Let’s remember… having humility doesn’t mean that you can’t promote yourself in a way that benefits your future as long as you are not trying to hurt someone else in the process. I believe that Angie is successfully maintaining that balance.

  5. It seems like the backlash from her Christian fans is starting to show up on twitter. They are very angry to know that she is not making a Christian Album. As a #Dreamer, I feel bad about the things these people are saying about Angie. It’s her choice on what music she wants to sing. This just goes to show how close minded some Christians can be… >_> .. BELIEVE IN YOUR MUSIC ANG!! don’t ever lose sight of who you are ❤

    • It is sad that this poor girl has had so much backlash since Idol but her star shines bright and I believe her music will stand out from the rest and Christians will be happy to know that she isn’t just a “pop star” but that she will stand behind the music that she writes and that it will bring value.

  6. I think that we’re beginning to get a clearer glimpse of what’s to come for Angie Miller. Judging by the fan response in the various cities of this summer’s Idol Tour, there definitely seems to be a star in the making. The fans have been anxiously awaiting Angie’s solo set that opens the second half of the concert. Before her introduction until after her final solo number, fans are standing, screaming and frantically taking pictures and capturing video of the energetic performer’s live set.

    Angie starts with an upbeat and animated performance of Jessie J’s “Mamma Knows Best” with back-up singers. After that, she interacts with her audience then segues into a stunning at-the-piano performance of “You Set Me Free”, her hand-penned signature song that catapulted her into the forefront on American Idol this season. To finish her solo set she performs a newly co-written original song, “Put it On Me”. This song displays the young singer-songwriter’s ability to convey a positive message in a very relatable and contemporary manner. What’s even more impressive is that we find out that the song was actually inspired by a situation related to one of her closest friends.

    Within a ten to twelve minute span on stage, Angie reminds everyone why America (and the world) fell in love with her this past spring. Through a charming mix of enthusiasm, spunk, passion and emotion fueled by God-given ability, she conveys all of the attributes of someone who will become even more popular and successful with the passing of time… and as great as that seems, it would be nothing without her humble nature. That unique combination of humility and ability will enable Angie to become a star with two feet firmly planted on the ground.

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