Angie Miller Interview: Part 2 – Angie’s Future – As She Sees It

Recently, I had a chance to chat with Beverly’s own Angie Miller in an exclusive one-on-one interview.  You can read the first part of the interview, “From the Heart – My One-On-One Interview with Angie Miller”.  For this next post, I would like to share Angie’s plans for the future and what she hopes to accomplish in her career.

Angie Miller-7044

Now that the American Idol show is over, there seems to be a lull in hearing about Angie in the news.  Many are thinking, what is up next for this star?  Currently, Angie is back in Los Angeles preparing for the American Idol tour set to launch July 19.  In her spare time, Angie is writing music for her future album.

Angie Miller-6959During my interview, the 19-year-old provided a glimpse of what her life is like now, and what she is looking forward to in the future.  Angie shared it was a tough transition to shift from a fast-paced atmosphere of American Idol, to a slower pace as she was in the process of waiting to start the Idol Tour rehearsals.  Following the tour, she will be trying to land a recording contract.

Angie stated, “Honestly, it is kind of weird.  American Idol auditions are so long.  The live shows are so fast.  Now I have a chance to catch my breath, and it is a good thing to have a bit of time off to spend with family, friends and writing [music].”  Angie reflected on the Beverly High School Music and Theater departments.  “Patience is needed a lot in theater.  The rehearsals are often dragged out.  [That experience] has helped me with American Idol and waiting for the future.  Right now, there is a lot of waiting, a lot of thinking, planning, and rehearsing.”

Most recently, rumors were said that Angie had signed a recording contract.  The truth is, Angie recently signed a publishing deal with Universal Records.  She does not have a recording contract – yet.  The pop star has the support of the label in creating music, but a recording contract would allow her to take that music and “lay it down” for an album.  “I am being managed as an artist and publisher, but I am only signed as a publisher right now.”  Her management team has a marketing strategy that explains the lull in signing a record deal.

Angie shared, “American Idol is a bizarre process of constantly being judged, compared, and picked apart.”  Although Angie recognizes this is part of the show, she finds it is tough to break from the shadows of the American Idol viewer mindset as they judge her performances and actions.  “Before I come out with an album, I really want the mindset to shift as much as possible.  People brand you to it.”  Currently, every move is analyzed as if she was still on the American Idol stage, and she wants to break free from that stigma.

Angie Miller-7027The ultra-mature 19-year-old states, “I can’t wait for the time to happen, when people stop commenting, ‘I wish you won.  I wish you made it to the finale.  I am sorry you didn’t win’.  And start saying, ‘I am so excited for your album. I am so excited for you future.’”  As this shift has already happened with her Dreamers, the general public should view Angie as an Artist, not as a former American Idol Contestant.  Angie further shares, “I know all the Dreamers are always going to be there to support me, and I am so excited to be on this journey with them!”

Angie has all the time in the world to sign a record deal.  She accomplished a lot since her high school graduation a year ago (especially within the last 7 months) and it’s just the beginning.  The pop star is making the best use of her time in L.A. attending events, writing in the studio, keeping in touch with her fans through social media, and hinting to new material she hopes to share soon.

Angie shared her career bucket list.  “I definitely take ‘Dream Big’ literally.  I would love to do so much.”

Angie’s Future as She Sees It

  • Question:  “Any other plans for ‘You Set Me Free’?”
    Answer: “I want to sing it as many places as I can.  I will be singing it on tour and [the song] is open to opportunities to sing it on other TV shows.”  She shares, “I just want to sing it around as much as possible and hopefully have it released again someday.”
  • On getting signed: “Hopefully I can get signed and be in the studio with the new stuff that I have written, making an album out of it soon.”
  • Question: “Are you planning on following up with another original?  If so, is it already in the works?”
    Answer: “Definitely.  I hope that every single song on my album is either written, co-written or me having some piece of it.  I want it to be from my heart.  Right now, I am focusing more on the publishing side, writing stuff for the future album.  I want to co-write, write, and then write some more as I rehearse the tour.”
  • Question: Who else would you like to sing/co-write with on your future album?
    Answer: “I LOVED working with Adam Lambert.  He is great.  Out of all the big names that I have talked to, he is the only one I have gotten their contact info.  He has helped me so much.  He said to me, ‘Angie, I think you have the power.  Even though you didn’t win, you still did so great.”  Angie Mom’s Tana added, “He genuinely appreciates her as an artist, he thinks she is super talented.”
  • Question: What about Jessie J’s offer?
    Answer:” Jessie J, was so nice, so genuine and said such nice thing!  I can’t believe I got to work with her.  We won’t be performing this coming summer, but [I hope] soon after the summer.”
  • On Touring: “I’d love to do a world tour and have a tour of my own.  That would be awesome”.
  • On working with her brother and his band, Exiting the Fall: “I would love to!  He has his own thing going for him right now.  He is going on tour and figuring out what he wants to do.”  To view Exiting the Fall’s latest news and tour, visit his band here.
  • Non-singing goals, “[Someday] I would love to do charity stuff and supporting other charities.”  Angie and her family worked with Project Rescue in India and referenced working with them again.  “This is really close to my family’s heart.  My parents almost moved there.  It is really special to us and I love what it stands for.”
  • Everything else: “Also, I would love to be in movies, sing the national anthem for the Super Bowl.  There is so much I would love to do, but I don’t want it given to me just yet.  I want to work for it.”

Angie Miller-6952

After the American Idol tour, depending on the publishing deal she signs, Angie will probably move to LA where publishing companies and writers habitat.  She stated, “I will definitely never forget my hometown and will visit often.”

To show your support for Angie, contact your local radio stations and request “You Set Me Free”.  Purchase American Idol tour tickets and continue to tweet @angiemiller or through other social media.

This is just the beginning for this pop star-in-the-making.

Congrats Angie!

Photos Courtesy of Social Palates Photography


18 thoughts on “Angie Miller Interview: Part 2 – Angie’s Future – As She Sees It

  1. Thank you, Jeannine, for your great work in writing articles which show the inner side of Angie Miller. I hope you will continue to follow Angie in her career and write more wonderful articles about her. Angie is beautiful, inside and out, and unexpectedly mature for her age. Kudos to Tana and Guy for bringing up their children in ways that are not only pleasing to Him but to the rest of the world. I will forever be a #dreamer and I will patiently wait for Angie’s album to be released. For now I am content to read Jeannine’s articles and listen to Angie’s songs over and over and over again.

  2. Jeannine, thanks so much. You do such a good job at capturing Angela’s heart and soul. Hopefully you will be able to report soon on some exciting stuff that’s happening in the Fall!!

  3. so sad that Angie won’t be coming to the UK with Jessie J. but i’m so excited for her future! I’m soooooo freaking excited for her future album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see her rise to fame!!

  4. Angie Miller is a remarkable and Brilliant singer/songwriter/musician. I am a fan of so many artists, hundreds of them, but I have never seen anyone quite like Angie Miller. Before Idol she had videos she posted on her own channel on You Tube, and they are absolutely incredible to watch and listen too. Her voice and her perfect Diction when she sings makes her vocals even more amazing, and her piano playing and songwriting skills and the fact that Angie is so down to earth and mature, and humble and everything combined means that Angie is going to be around in music for a long time. I am one of Angie’s Dreamers and will be forever, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Angie. She is my favorite and the reason I was watching Idol this past season.

    • These are very sweet words Richard and spot on. Angie is the complete package and it is so exciting to be able to be able to see it from the very beginning with those You Tube videos, then with the aid of American Idol. I cannot wait to see/hear what is in store for her after the Idol tour.

  5. Great interview it had lots of answers thatt were poping in our heads mahlybe next time it will be on video :D?
    I really hope the best for angie <333

  6. This is great. I have been a dreamer for months and I’m proud of it. Couldn’t be more proud. Thanks for this article. I love Angie so much. She’ve changed so many lives. Hands down to her. God Bless 🙂

  7. Angie to me is the epitome of the bright, young talent that is being discovered on shows such as American Idol. Her poise, awesome talent and genuine heart will take her far in the music business. As everyone knows, its not easy making it big the music business and lots of stuff goes on behind the scenes. But with Angie’s firm foundation and steadfastness in what she believes she’ll do great I feel sure. My prayers are that her music will be heard wide and far as Angie has a lot to tell us and its all coming from the right source.

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