5 Tips to Make LinkedIn Work For You

Last night I taught “How to Make LinkedIn Work For You” at North Shore Community College.  It is important to note, this course ranged from people who didn’t have LinkedIn and didn’t know if they wanted or needed an account, to HR professionals who used the Premium paid service and wanted to know how they can best use it for their needs.

As I was answering questions and going through the slides I kept hitting key points that I wanted to ensure everyone took home and remembered.  Click here if you want view the full presentation.

LinkedIn course

Here are the top 5 LinkedIn Tips that I wanted to share with you:

  1. Remember Your Audience.  LinkedIn is a professional platform where everyone is watching, CEO’s, Executives, Managers, Friends, Family, etc.  Do not say anything on your account you wouldn’t say at a networking event or business cocktail hour.  Keep those comments, photos and shares to your other social media accounts.
  2. Keep it Professional.  All content should properly reflect your business persona.  More importantly your photo should be a professional one.  Remember a picture is worth a thousand words and in some cases this is others’ first impression of you.
  3. Setup the Basics. When setting up your profile make sure to have your name, headline, contact information, summary, work history and custom URL for your account.  Focus on these first and then go back and piece together the rest of your presentation at a later date.  Your account is a living resume and will never be complete.  There are always tweaks and edits that can be made to make a stronger profile.
  4. Think about Quality vs. Quantity when setting up your profile.  If you were in college and worked at an ice cream shop, you would just post the job to show you don’t have gaps in your resume gaps.  However if you managed that ice cream shop then you should have a description of your responsibilities while you worked there.
  5. Define the purpose of using this tool. LinkedIn is a professional social networking tool.  There are many ways you can use this tool to your benefit but you need to know what you want to get out of it first.  Are you looking for a job, looking to hire someone, wanting to expand your contacts, look for clients, hoping to break out into another career, establish yourself as a thought leader?  Once you know what you want then you can find the ways LinkedIn can help you with this.

If you live in the North of Boston area and interested in additional social media courses.  Visit North Shore Community College and search the courses based on “Social Media”.  My next course is Social Media Mobile Apps on August 8, 2013.


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