From the Heart – My One-On-One Interview with Angie Miller

Four months almost to the date, I was shopping with my cousin at the Northshore Mall and bumped into Angie Miller and her mother, Tana.  This was before the American Idol fame hit hard and before the performance of her original song You Set Me Free that put Angie, the multi-talented teenager from Beverly on everyone’s radar as a national pop star.

angie 2Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Angie and her family on a more personal level.  When we sat down recently to discuss Angie’s journey with American Idol, her homecoming and plans for the future, she wanted to backtrack first to thank her hometown for their support.  She plopped in the chair next to me and said, “It’s good to be home.  I am so proud to be from the Beverly, Boston and the Massachusetts area.  I am so proud to be able to represent where I am from, especially with everything that happened during the show [in reference to the Marathon Bombings].  I am just so glad to be from here.”

Angie opened up her heart and shared her thoughts about her hometown, the support she received, the plans for her future and how she managed to stay focused during the pressure and stress of being an American Idol contestant.  During our interview she remained humble and charming, showing glimpses of a teenager who was awestruck in meeting her idol Jessie J, then becoming serious and talking about what being an idol means to her.

From the “Beverly Loves Angie” signs that flooded the city, business promos encouraging people to come in, watch and vote, various rallies, plenitude of homemade yard signs and messages of support in store windows, “Angie Fever” was everywhere.

angie 5But was she aware of the local support as she progressed through the competition?  “We really are in the American Idol bubble.  The only thing we see is social media and what my family and friends send to me, other than that we don’t get out, we don’t see it.”  She pulled out her phone and showed me a saved text message from a Beverly High School student and former classmate:  “…you have done more than just become a star, you have brought people together and created unity of people, you have united people for a common cause, Ange you are making a difference and I want to thank you for it.”  Angie shared, “after a rough week that text meant so much.”

In response to all those local supporters and fans, she said, “Oh my goodness.  Thank you! I have watched the show for years and I watched people have that kind of support and I thought, ‘I hope one day I can go on the show and have my own hometown visit.’” Angie further stated, “Then I remember this one week in the competition, where I noticed this was really starting to happen.  It was so beautiful when you realize it.  That meant so much.”  When I asked her about the hometown concert at Beverly High School, she said, “I will never forget that concert and that feeling on the stage.  I wanted to jump out in the crowd and say hi to every single person.  It was so unreal.”

angie 7

The massive crowd waiting for Angie to take the stage at Beverly High School during Angie’s hometown visit.

Angie’s father, Guy, and her mother also thanked local businesses, specifically Todd’s Sporting Goods, Beverly Cooperative Bank and Thomas Ford for their contributions.  “Our trips to LA were also made possible by the Assemblies of God USA and two anonymous friends who made generous donations.  In addition, we want to thank the Salem News for giving Angela such fantastic coverage.  Thank you to the citizens of Beverly for their friendly and enthusiastic support of our daughter Angela.”

angie #4

Shortly Angie will hop on a plane and head back to LA to rehearse for the American Idol tour that starts mid-July.  “I am really excited for the Boston, 2 Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire shows, said Angie.  “It is so close, they all feel like my hometown.  I hope I get to see a lot of people from here who supported me.”  The thankful pop star continued, “I want to thank everyone. I can’t wait to see everybody on the tour, I can’t wait to see their support for my next album I am so excited for the future!”

angie #3No matter where Angie’s journey takes her, she will have the continued support of the local community and in turn she will never forget those that helped launch it.  “I never want to be known as the person who just has music, I always wanted to make music that has a meaning and purpose and lots of heart in it.”  And that message will propel our local starlet into the future.

Stay tuned for my next post on Angie’s plans for after Idol.  Here is a sneak preview:  Angie has yet to sign a record deal but is so happy to have signed a publishing deal with Universal Music Group.  

Images Courtesy of Social Palates Photography


20 thoughts on “From the Heart – My One-On-One Interview with Angie Miller

  1. Jeannine, this is just wonderful, thank you. Hopefully some hometown people upset about the parade will see through this article that the Angela only meant to share a great time Beverly, not take anything away from it.
    Great job writing this! I should have you write me sermons! Thanks to John Andrews for the pics too.

    • You are very welcome! I hope this article shows people that she really wants to represent herself, her family, friends and community in a positive light. The way things unfolded last week were very sad. Poor Angela was stuck in the middle of a controversial topic/media firestorm. What should have been a happy occasion of her sharing her Idol experience with her hometown was tainted by misconceptions, lies and hurtful words.

      • I read about it and was sad. Angie had absolutely nothing to do with it yet i see people partly blaming her

  2. “…you have done more than just become a star, you have brought people together and created unity of people, you have united people for a common cause, Angie you are making a difference and I want to thank you for it.”
    …….When I am exposed kindhearted people, I’m reminded of my daily goal of becoming a better person and contributing to the world in a positive manner…so she also inspires those feelings in me, in addition to what was mentioned in the above quote. She re-energizes my determination. If someone can have that effect on others, imagine the effect she can have on the masses. All through leading by example, kind words, gestures and actions. What if millions became “re-energized” in the same way she does to me? People like Angie (and her Family) make the world a better place. The more people that are introduced to Angie, the better. Therefore interviews like your’s are not just a great read, but also contribution to making the world a better place by giving people an opportunity to better know Angie and her great family =)

    • Thank you for your comment mcbain02! I agree 100% with what you said and thank you so much for your the last part. I love writing and am so glad it has the impact that you said. My little contribution in making the world a better place!

  3. Jeannine, thank you for your wonderful articles about Angie. What you do is very important for Angie while she waits to get her recording contract. Having her speak through your articles is a very good way to stay connected with her fans. It is sad that AI has not done all it could to help Angie’s career take off, but your articles definitely help with her PR. You, too, are a blessing for us Angie fans.

  4. When someone truly represents God with Angie’s innocent enthusiasm, there will always attacks from multiple directions. Through the wide-ranging attacks, Angie has seemed to grow even stronger in character and ability. After she was voted off Idol, she maintained a graciousness not often seen in one so young. She was rewarded with the opportunity to sing, and performed two absolutely stunning (in different ways) songs at the finale that basically stole the show. After that, You Set Me Free was not allowed to chart, another attack that Angie handled with grace. Her post-Idol appearances on Leno as well as Kelly & Michael were perfect examples of her ability to captivate and entertain an audience. More attacks came in the form of debate about her homecoming parades. Through all of the attacks, Angie has appeared to keep that same hope-filled exuberance that she has exhibited since most of us were first introduced to her on TV earlier this year. Even the Idol concert schedule being shortened seems like an attack, but I believe that through all of the trials and testings, Angie will stand strong and ultimately be rewarded for handling them all in a manner that would make any parent proud.

    Jeannine… thanks for the opportunity for letting us see a little more inside Angie’s life. Guy & Tana… thanks for raising your children in such a way that the world can see a little bit of heaven through their lives.

  5. i hope we get some more info about why YSMF was unable to chart, why Universal offered her a publishing deal and the different recording companies who approached her (if there are any other than Interscope). Angie needs to stay relevant in the internet so that by the time she signs a record deal, people will not forget her. keep writing things like this as we fans love it!

    • I do agree that angie ought to stay relevant in the internet and not just there. She ought to stay relevant on tv. I really hope angie gets a good management on her side. This girl has got IT. She just needs a little help and a little luck 🙂

      • yes but I think TV appearances are only for the top 2 as of now…. cause if it weren’t so, Angie would surely be in a lot of shows by now -_-

      • Angie’s hands are probably tied to some degree in regards to making appearances and granting interviews until after her AI contract runs out after the tour. I assume that AI controls and/or monitors most of what she does until that’s over. She has, however, used the internet wisely by making herself available to her fans on Ustream, Twitter, etc.

        Three things we know for sure: 1) She has wise council from a caring and loving family and support system, 2) She has a natural sense for self promotion (I mean that in a highly complimentary way) and 3) She has a large fan base that will remain loyal and will wait as long as it takes for her to finally carve out her own path in the post-Idol days.

        Angie has stayed true to who she is. Her faith and perseverance will pave the road for her journey.

  6. The shortened Idol tour (with rehearsals starting later) afforded Angie with the opportunity to stay home and show the rest of the world who she really is. Angie seems to be a person that cherishes her roots and loves to give back to her community. With her extra time at home, Angie sang “God Bless America” at the Beverly H.S. commencement ceremonies; performed “You Set Me Free” and interacted with the junior and senior high youths that gather at The Counter Influence, a Friday night teen gathering in Lynnfield; and spent Sunday singing with her brother at three services at Calvary Church, where she previously attended.

    Shortly, Angie will be leaving to rehearse for the tour. Thousands of people will be able to witness her performances first hand. The true test of a person is when they put the same effort, skill, and heart into the littler things of life, as well as the larger things.

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