Co-working spaces are the future of small business

Here is a look at my first week in my new co-working office space!

launch 2So far my first week at Launch Cooperative has been a huge success!  Launch Cooperative is a co-working space in Salem, MA that provides individuals who work from home an alternative working scene.  You can either rent a desk on a monthly basis or by the day as needed.

Co-working spaces are a newer trend in the business world.  With freelancers entering the workforce at lightning speeds, there is a need for out-of-the-home, office space alternatives.

Co-working spaces are cropping up within local communities.  Launch Cooperative is the first in Salem, MA.  Currently they have 3 open desks and are looking to expand in the coming future. launch 3

Yes, you can go to a coffee shop with your laptop, but do you have stationary spot that you can call your own that provides you with office resources as needed?  Co-working spaces are a great “home away from home” that is set up with office equipment for your business needs.

For me it is nice to finally have a place where I am not being reminded of the dishes, laundry, food shopping that needs to be done.  Digital technology makes everything I need easily accessible thanks to programs like DropBox and Microsoft Sky.  All my other office needs are covered by Launch Cooperative.  The space offers:

  • Phone
  • Wi-Fi
  • Printer
  • Office supplies
  • Conference room accessibility
  • Coffee and tea station
  • Refrigeration
  • Convenient location, (downtown Salem on New Derby Street, right above Delande Lighting)
  • Easily Accessible to Public Transportation
  • Metered parking
  • Permanent members receive 24/7 access

This week the change in scenery has helped me immensely in focusing on my work and plug through my massive to-do list.  Working from home is a great option.  There are days that it works for me.  However there are times when going to a different environment is more beneficial to my workflow.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative workspace.

launch posterClick this poster to access the site for more information.


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