A Behind the Scenes Look at Angie’s Rise to Fame

AMERICAN IDOL: Angie Miller. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.
As you have been reading PR-defied, you have read my perspective on Angie Miller’s transformation and her journey on American Idol.  I am VERY EXCITED to share this latest Angie angle with you – this comes from the inside.  Guy Miller (Angie’s Dad) has a blog titled “Something to Ink About”  and he is sharing his first-hand experience with his readers.  This is raw emotion coming from the father of a superstar in the making.  Someone who was there as he watched his daughter Angela, a recent Beverly High School graduate, transform into “Angie Miller”, an American Idol Top 3 music star in the making.

Just a few days ago, Guy posted on his blog “American Idol Finale….you shoot me down but I get up”.  This is where he talks about the roller coaster ride of emotions that Angie and her family experienced in the last three weeks of the competition.  From:

  • Winning Top 3 (positive experience +)
  • Coming home for the hometown segment (+)
  • Being voted off the following week (negative experience -)
  • Her performance with Adam Lambert and Jessie J (+)
  • Being invited by Jessie J to perform her song internationally (++)
  • Her original song “You Set Me Free” being released on iTunes (+++)
  • iTunes misspelling her name (-)

In the end, Guy talks about his daughter’s endurance and grace as she held it together as the competition unfolded.  How proud he was of her for not letting the negative experiences affect her.  How she took the criticism, internalized it and how it made her better in the long run.  In reference to the song she sang on the finale with Adam Lambert, he shared that “She truly is ‘Titanium’.  You can shoot her down, but she will get back up.”

Today Guy shared another insightful post titled; These are a few of my least favorite things…

This is where he talked about being a father, seeing his daughter on stage in front of millions, being criticized by industry “experts” and not being able to do a thing about it.  He shares, “She (Angie) listened, improved each week and eventually gave them nothing to critique. Her performance at the Finale was flawless.  She truly has become a professional.”

It’s really an eye opening experience to hear the stories from Guy’s perspective.  He shares about the family’s emotions in dealing with the uncertainty and the personal lack of control that he witnessed being behind the scenes of American Idol.  This family, as well as other contestants’ families, had been put through the ringer.  The Miller’s had been living out of a suitcase, traveling 11 hours round trip, twice a week, for weeks on end and only saw their child in passing.

It is an eye opening experience and a wonder this family, along with others, have kept their cool in this media-infused whirlwind.  However, the common thread here is that Guy Miller sure is one proud father for all that his little girl accomplished while singing on American Idol.

I encourage you all to follow “Something to Ink About” as I am sure that Guy has many more stories to share on Angie’s journey to fame.

Image Source: Boston Magazine


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