Angie Miller Goes International

Many swore off the Idol Finale because Beverly’s own Angie Miller wasn’t in the final 2, but if you were watching the show tonight – you saw the scene stealing moment that propelled Angie into International fame.

Much speculation flew around American Idol for pulling the plug last minute on Angie singing her original song “You Set Me Free” for the final show.  Well tonight we learned why and it goes to show that everything happens for a reason.

angie miller twitter 3American Idol flew Angie’s Idol Jessie J in from London to perform with her on the finale.  Angie was already slated to perform with Season 8 contestant Adam Lambert.  Once Adam and Angie finished singing “Titanium” together, Jessie J and Angie then performed “Domino”.  After the performances Ryan Seacrest came on the stage and chatted with Adam, Angie and Jessie J.  It was revealed that Jessie J had an announcement to make about the name of her new album. Then she turned to Angie and said, “I heard that you had to compromise not singing your single for me to be here and sing with you. So I want to fly you to the UK and do a show with me and we perform it together, or we do a video and we put it on YouTube. Your choice but I don’t want you to lose the opportunity, so I would be honored if we could sing it together.” A shocked Angie responded, “I would love to go to the UK and sing it with you”

As I said before, everything happens for a reason and tonight we learned that the Idol stage wasn’t big enough for Beverly’s own Angie Miller and her original song “You Set Me Free”.  Angie is meant for International fame, “You Set Me Free” is set to be performed on an international stage and Jessie J is helping Angie make this happen.

If you missed this moment you can view the recap here.

“You Set Me Free” is available for download on iTunes.


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