Angie Miller Finale Update

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To the disppointment of many Angie Miller fans our star won’t be performing “You Set Me Free” on Thursday night for the Idol finale as previously reported.  I just spoke to her father Guy Miller who shared with me that changes have been made in the scheduling of the American Idol finale show.  However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to download the single from iTunes on Friday.

The reason for this scheduling change on American Idol is unknown; however hints of a surprise guest that Angie will be performing with have been implied. Angie is confirmed to perform with American Idol Season 8 runner up, Adam Lambert.  If this second surprise guest performance takes place.

Remember American Idol has given many opportunities to Angie. This is just the beginning for this SUPER STAR in the making. How many people in this world have had the opportunities that Angie has had these past few months?  Hardly any!

  • Angie has been able to sing in front of millions (exposed to producers, directors, talent scouts, etc.)
  • Angie gets to perform with another American Idol Alum, the successful and multi-talented Adam Lambert. Side note: Adam didn’t win the show but look where he is today – definite foreshadowing of Angie’s stellar future!
  • I am assuming this surprise guest is worth American Idol pulling her already highly anticipated “You Set Me Free” performance.
  • However, her original song that she wrote will be available for download on Friday. No other Idol shares this accomplishment either.

So to the Dreamers and the Angie Miller supporters who are upset that they won’t get to see Angie perform “You Set Me Free” on Thursday – Don’t be.   Think about it this way.  It is not like you haven’t seen her perform her original song before.  Her Hollywood week performance lives on YouTube and to date has over 3.8 Million views.  Go and watch it a few more times (make it hit 4 Million).

Remember what Angie says “Dream Big”, she has done just that.  Let’s show our support for Angie by “tweeting” and messaging Angie and the Miller Family today and Thursday.  Most importantly Download “You Set Me Free” on Friday!

Angie is an original and a supreme artist who can write, sing and play the piano.  It is only a matter of time before she strikes out on her own!  Other sources have reported a record deal is in the works!  There is no doubt that you will hear more from her after American Idol.  The show has put Angie on a path to becoming a breakout artist.

To her following, stay positive and “Dream Big” that is what Angie would want of all of us.  This is the final leg in the American Idol chapter of her life, but just the beginning of her career.  She is going far.

Angie, from all of your fans and supporters: this is just the beginning!

Images Source: Twitter
Video: American Idol YouTube


5 thoughts on “Angie Miller Finale Update

  1. Angie is a talented young woman who is only beginning her career. I was profoundly moved to hear her comments last week. She lives and moves with grace, I hope her fans follow her lead.

    • If it was a fair count han i would understand! But she had a hell of a lot more talent than kree!!! She got screwed for all the wrong reasons! Never to watch idle again!!!!!!!

  2. Angie’s song is her own and American Idol should get NO credit for it. We ave turned them off for good. Go Angie!!! she’s so superior to the chosen 2 finalists.

  3. Claire what a beautiful response! Thank you for sharing. I welcome all comments on this blog and understand the anger towards Idol but if it wasn’t for Idol we all wouldn’t have heard Angie’s amazing song in the first place. Everything happens for a reason, her not performing appears to be because she will be performing with Jessie J, HER Idol. They are giving us another Angie moment and for that I will be tuning in and then buying her single tonight, not on Friday as previously reported.

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