Angie Miller – “Stay True to Who You Are”

Last week the top 3 of American Idol contestants were revealed.  With this accomplishment the Idol stars were sent home for a home town visit with American Idol camera’s rolling.  Angie hopped from TV to radio, press conference to parade and a concert to wrap up her whirlwind visit.  I was lucky enough to attend the press conference and ask Angie Miller questions about her American Idol experience thus far.


The press conference took place at Centerville Elementary School, Angie’s old elementary school that she attended in kindergarten and first grade.

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The interview was very intimate.  Four local journalists and in 10 minutes it became abundantly clear that Angie is ready to be an idol. She handled the questions like a pro.  During the hometown visit the American Idol competition was far from her mind.  She said, “While I am here in Beverly, honestly I want to enjoy this day and forget the competition.  I want to soak it all in and I will worry about the competition on Sunday.”

What was on her mind was thanking her support system; the city where she grew up, the family, friends, fellow students, Massachusetts and New England residents who have all shown support and showed up for her parade and concert.

There is much to cover from this experience.  For now, I am going to focus on the student visit and press conference.  Angie had an opportunity to chat with the students of Centerville Elementary School and took some photos.  Then she chatted with the media.

Maybe her mind was set on children as she just filmed B-roll with the students for American Idol; perhaps it was because she was returning to her high school that afternoon for a debut concert; or maybe it was the fact she hasn’t even been a high school graduate for a year.  But Angie is acutely aware of the influence she has on children and young adults and the impact she can make once Idol is finished.

With her Mom, Tana at her back for support, Angie talked of how she wants to leave a positive influence on children today.

Reporter: How does it feel knowing that you have inspired so many young people that have the same dreams as you do, when you were younger?
Angie: It’s really an amazing thing. I have always dreamed for this day, I have always thought “Wow wouldn’t it be cool to influence people and be an example?”  And now I get to do that.  I want to be an example so that makes me push harder.  I want to be someone that the kids, like the ones here, can look up to.  It is so important.

Reporter: “It must be amazing to go to your old city and high school and do a concert there. How does that feel?
Angie: I mean it is incredible. Just a year ago, I was not even a lead in a musical.  I wasn’t popular in school whatsoever.  So it is insane there is going to be a concert. It’s unbelievable.

Reporter: Are you excited to perform at the high school later?
Angie: Beyond excited. This will be my first show. I have only had two shows before; One at Gusto Café (in Beverly) and one in Salem on Halloween.  This will be my first real show.

Me: What does being an Idol (pop star) mean to you?
Angie: The reason why I want this is to be an example and an inspiration.  I don’t care about how many things I sell.  I just love being able (through my music and through the words of my music) to be an example.

Reporter: What kind of values do you want to show?
Angie: I want girls, well guys too, especially girls because I went through it.  I just remember going to high school and having terrible self-confidence. Thinking that I wasn’t good enough, you know what I mean?  I want people to know that confidence is a beautiful thing. If you have a dream you should go after it – because it is so important.

Me: Do you have a certain quote/mantra that you live by?
Angie: “Dream big, stay true to who you are and never lose sight of what you stand for.”

The conversation shifted back to her experience on American Idol. Truth is Angie has grown a lot with her experience on this reality show and it has only been a few months.  Angie talked about self-confidence and popularity issues in high school. Something many people can relate to.  However in just 11 months, this girl has managed to channel that confidence, figure out who she is and find a way to be comfortable in her own skin.

Me: Going back to the confidence issue. You have to go in front of millions of people and stand on a stage where these 4 judges are saying these, sometimes hurtful things.  How do you deal with that, how do you process that?
Angie: At first it took getting used to.  Standing there and they are criticizing you.  But I think after a while I realized any negative comments I hear through social media, the judges or anything – you just have to brush it off your shoulder and not pay attention to it.  There is such a huge amazing support system(Dreamers!).  Why focus on the negative things?  It’s hard not to get wrapped up in all the negative.  But you just need to and just get rid of it.

Reporter: Regardless of what happens, what do you take away from this experience that you have gone through?
Angie: “Oh wow umm I have learned a lot about myself as a person of what I need to do.  All that I am telling you – know to stand up for myself, moral stuff that took time getting there. I have learned, I have established myself as a person.  That is such an important thing in this competition.  That is one of the most important things.  I know who I am more; I am excited to go out there and show myself as an artist.  I am very excited.”

Me: You have a lot of dreamers; they follow me I write PR-defied. Is there anything you want to say to them?
Angie: I love all my Dreamers! They are the most amazing support system ever, I can’t even tell them enough how much I love them.

This interview was SO inspiring.  I too was in theater, I too was not popular, I too never had a lead, I too had confidence issues and I too found that confidence after I was able to break out of the confines of high school.  It is magical to see her come into her own, realize her worth and defy the standards that were recently imposed on her by her peers.

The sky is the limit for Ms. Angie Miller. “Dream big, stay true to who you are and never lose sight of what you stand for.”

Photos: Renée Gannon, Social Palates and Nelida Saulnier


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