Angie Miller – In Your Words

Angie Miller – In Your Words

Recently did a blog post on Angie Miller. 5 Questions, 5 Answers about @AngieAI12. The rules were simple. Answer each question on Twitter with the #(Hashtag) associated it AND #Vote4Angie. Don’t forget to Tweet @AngieAI12 in your answer so she sees your responses! Here is the Q&A.

  1. To view the original article read Angie Miller – In Your Own Words.
  2. Who do you think Angie will be standing with in the #IdolFinal2?
  3. @Jeannine_Oneil I would love @AngieAI12 and @KreeAI12 to be in the finale but all of them are deserving and talented. #IdolFinal2
  4. If you could hand pick a celebrity for Angie to sing with who would it be? #AngieCelebDuet
  5. What was your favorite Angie performance this season? #AngieTheIdol
  6. @Jeannine_Oneil Cant choose just one @AngieAI12 performance because all are AMAZING and that would be illegal. #AngieTheIdol
  7. @AngieAI12 Anything she does is flawless! Ugh! So hard! Buttt… “You Set Me Free” makes me cry just by thinking about it. ;”) #AngieTheIdol
  8. @Jeannine_Oneil I LOVE all of them but #YouSetMeFree is my favorite! Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it! @AngieAI12 #AngieTheIdol 🙂
  9. What was your favorite Angie outfit this season? #AngieIdolFashion
  10. Either the dress she wore on cry me a river, who you are, or I surrender @AngieAI12 #AngieIdolFashion
  11. Why is Angie going to make an amazing idol? #AngieMillerLove
  12. @Jeannine_Oneil Because not only is @AngieAI12 a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L and T.A.L.E.N.T.E.D singer she is also a Good Role model.#AngieMillerLove
  13. Because she’s an amazing influence an amazing singer and she’s amazing and an inspiration @AngieAI12 #AngieMillerLove #DreamBig
  14. @Jeannine_Oneil She’s talented,genuine,humble,cares about her fans,beautiful,marketable,& all a around great! @AngieAI12 #AngieMillerLove 🙂
  15. @AngieAI12 has already inspired many to dream big while still keeping God’s plans first.Can’t wait to see her inspire more! #AngieMillerLove

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