Angie Miller – In Your Words

It is getting down the final stretch of American Idol!  This week we will find out who is in the top 3.  I would be very shocked if Angie wasn’t in the top 3 this coming week considering:

  • Angie had two amazing performances last week
  • Top 2 status thanks to those performances
  • The fact those votes will be carried over to next week
  • She has a strong #Dreamer fan base

As you have read my posts The Branding of a Star, American Idol Recap Week 2 – Lennon and McCartney and Follow Up Branding of a Star you heard my thoughts of the competition and Angie’s performances.  Then you read about Angie and her family in Why Angie Miller is Already an IdolNOW I want to hear it in your words, Dreamers. 

angie miller idol website 3

5 Questions, 5 Answers about @AngieAI12.  The rules are simple.  Answer each question on Twitter with the #(Hashtag) associated it AND #Vote4Angie.  Don’t forget to Tweet @AngieAI12 in your answer so she sees your responses!  Here are the questions:

    1. Who do you think Angie will be standing with in the #IdolFinal2?
    2. If you could hand pick a celebrity for Angie to sing with who would it be? #AngieCelebDuet
    3. What was your favorite Angie performance this season? #AngieTheIdol
    4. What was your favorite Angie outfit this season? #AngieIdolFashion
    5. Why is Angie going to make an amazing idol? #AngieMillerLove

I will be posting updates from these answers before the Wednesday show!

~ @Jeannine_Oneil


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