Why Angie Miller is Already an Idol

As most of you know I hail from Beverly, MA, a small city just 17 miles north of Boston.  I have chosen to remain silent with my postings out of respect to those who have suffered from the terrorism that ensued last week at the Boston Marathon.  It has been a tough week on the country and on Massachusetts, but one thing couldn’t be truer; I am proud to be a Bostonian and we are #BostonStrong.

Now onto the good stuff – I had this posting in queue to go out last week.

AMERICAN IDOL: Angie Miller. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

As Angie Miller rises to fame; individuals have been reaching out to me to share their personal Angie stories.  I guess they believe I am an Angie evangelist.  To be honest, I am not a huge American Idol fan; I stopped watching after Fantasia won in season three.  The reason I started watching again was because of Angie.  In the very beginning, before the auditions even aired, there was a small blurb in our local newspaper stating she auditioned for the show.  I looked her up and was fascinated that this talent was pretty much in my backyard.

I knew then she had star power and was going far in the competition.


Myself (left), Angie and my cousin Erin.

In January I was at the local mall with my cousin and Angie and her mother walked past us and went into Starbucks.  I was awestruck!  This was the closest brush I have ever had with fame.  We waited for her to come out and asked to take a picture.  At that moment I was blown away by this young girl’s presence.  I am 10 years older than Angie, but she was so humble, down to earth, sweet and genuine – I was hooked.  As Angie moved up through the American Idol ranks – auditions, top 40, top 10, top 5, and now top 4, I have been there cheering her along every week.

As mentioned I have become the Angie expert amongst my friends.  They tweet, text, post, message and send emails to me about her latest performance.  Because of this outreach, this week I am very excited to share a glimpse of Angie’s background and why she has what it takes to be an idol.

I am truly honored to share these stories that have been shared with me.

A friend of mine, John is ramping up his photography business, he is extremely talented.  Check out his work here.  He was at a local coffee shop that Angie’s family frequents and was hanging some of his work.  A man came up and was asking about the pricing, the images, the business, etc.  John explained and told this man about his crowdsourcing campaign, to help him buy equipment and open up a shop in downtown Salem.  The conversation continued and John found out he was talking to Guy Miller, Angie’s father.  They briefly talked about Angie and American Idol.  They exchanged contact information and are in the talks to build up the Salem art scene.  Later that day, John logged onto his campaign and saw one of the larger donations was made by Guy Miller.

The second story I have is from a friend of a friend.  A personal story shared on Facebook.  I chose to copy and paste.  Nancy wrote:

4/29/2012 I was in a car accident with my daughter.  I had just picked her up at Beverly High School from a 4 day music trip to Philadelphia. On our way home, we were hit.  HARD! Air bags deployed, both cars totaled, broken bones etc.  I knew that I was hurt.  I didn’t know if my daughter had even survived. It was 9:45 p.m.  No street lights in this area.  The only light – were the sparks from the car.  I have never felt more pain in my life.  The other driver was a college student.  She was also hurt and scared.  Quite the scene!  Angie Miller and her mom along with another mom and daughter stopped to help us.  Mrs. Miller stayed with me, Angie with my daughter.  The next day, I asked my daughter their names.  She said, “You know her – the girl with the beautiful voice”.  Angie didn’t know me – but it didn’t matter to her.  She stuck by my family when we needed someone.  I will stick by her and get as many votes for her as I can. So please vote!

I ended up following up with Nancy and she further explained that the impact of this accident was so intense that the visor flew off and cut her daughter on the side of the face, resulting in stitches.  Both cars were totaled; Nancy was in a state of shock.  Angie’s mother, Tana, and the other mother stayed by her side and did everything they could to help.  Angie and the other girl stayed by the daughter’s side.  The mothers even took all the belongings out of the totaled car and delivered it to Nancy’s house.  When she got home later that night from the hospital it was on the doorstep.  Furthermore, a few days later Angie and the other girl found Nancy’s daughter at school and checked in on her to see if everything was okay.

angie miller idol website

This photo was posted on the American Idol website this week. Check out Angie’s biggest influence(rs).

Both Guy and Tana went out of their way to support and help complete strangers.  These are the two people who have raised Angie and deserve credit for laying the humble beginnings in this star’s rise to fame.

So when you see Angie sing, when you hear what she has to say, when you see that she is humbled by the experience and blown away by feedback and support from the judges – it isn’t an act.  This is who she is and where she comes from.

As stated I am 10 years older than Angie.  Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson were the pop stars of my time and they walked around in scandalous clothing as they “found their own” in the music world.  Although the images have shifted and curvier women are welcomed (aka the Kardashians) real role models are still lacking.  This is where Angie comes in; Angie Miller is that idol that the music scene needs.

angie miller idol website 3

I have said this before – Angie is the complete package: looks, talent, aspiration, etc.  But she also has the personality of an idol – nurturing, caring and down to earth.  For this reason, I cannot wait to watch her as she comes into her own, with an American Idol title or not.  She is a star.

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Personal Album


19 thoughts on “Why Angie Miller is Already an Idol

    • THANK YOU for these kind words Guy! I meant every word. Something about Angie and your wife when I met them at the Northshore Mall. They were so sweet to take the time for a photo, ask our names and have a conversation with us. Her talent is one thing, her persona is another – she is an Idol. I am honored that people want to share these stories with me. And these kind acts that both you and your wife did were unrelated to parenting and speak to who you are as people….Although I am sure you make amazing parents as well. Goodness does exist in this world, these are the stories we need to hear more often. Cheering for Angie all the way! -Jeannine

  1. Thank you for writing this. The Miller family are incredibly genuine people and the above accounts do not surprise me at all. None the less, it is so touching to hear. Thank you for cheering on my friend and her precious family! I loved your blog!

    • As I said I had this story to run last week but held off because of the bombings. Stories like this need to be shared. Humanity does exist in the world. No good deed goes unnoticed. 🙂

  2. I went to college with Angie’s parents. We have known each other for close to 30 years. They are the real deal. Angie is definitely a byproduct of her amazing parents. Her brother John, who is also a musician and very talented, is a great person too!

  3. I love those Millers! I too was technically a “stranger” when Tana took me under her wing, I lost my apartment and she & Guy allowed me to live with them for a few months while we looked for a place for me to live. Ang is like a little sister to me, & they are now all family to me & I can testify to their hearts of gold & their amazing values! This article brought tears to my eyes just knowing the blessing they are & the blessing it is to know them. I am so excited for Ang & love that she has fans like you to write such beautiful words!!! Xo! B

  4. I had the pleasure of having Angie in class last year when her teacher was out for a couple months having surgery. I remember her big smile and what a great student she was. I am cheering for her every week along with everyone else at BHS and through out Beverly. Go Angie!! My Dads name is Guy, so we have something in common!! lol

  5. I don’t know Angie, but she sounds like an amazing person. However, I do not agree with the “real role models” section of this blog. I believe that each star has their own to offer, and while you may think that Britney, Christina and Jessica should be judged by their clothing, Britney has shown true strength while becoming a Mom, and inspired me to get back into dancing, Jessica is a Mom and she also a strong woman today, and Christina not only has a phenomenal voice, but her music was definitely something that inspired greatness. So, ya, please don’t judge others. Thanks.

    • Sabrina you bring up great points. Sorry if I upset you. And you are right, I shouldn’t judge. In my defense the point in time that I was referring to (late 90’s) these stars weren’t mothers they were just finding their way. Their paths have led them to greatness with bumps along the way, because they are human.

  6. I really enjoy reading your posts, especially when it comes to a local young lady like Angie. She is so talented, and will surely be a star. Thanks for yet another great analysis and these special stories that add so much more to her profile. Keep up the great writing!

  7. Thank you for your post! Most people don’t realize that it is the little things that we do in life that accumulate and lay a foundation for what will take place down the road. Guy and Tana Miller are both ministers and have spent their lives serving other people. They have instill the value of service into their children, even taking them to India to serve in impoverished Calcutta and Bombay. Angie and Jon are both incredible young people with a vision to make a difference in the world. I know this personally. Tana is my sister. Jon and Ang are my nephew and niece! Tana and I decided long ago that the next generation of our family line would not live for themselves, but will extend God’s love to the world around them through surrender, sacrifice and service. We are proud of all of our children as they pursue God’s purpose for their lives. Go Zinnanti/ Miller kids!!! Go Ang!

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  9. Angie you are a winner in my eyes! I am sad you got voted off! Remember many who did not win went on tour and surpassed the winner! Keep your chin up!

  10. I do not know Angie but I see a light that emanates from within her, with her smile, her voice, her poise, her passion, her music. I instantly knew she must be God-sent, that she had a greater purpose, that she could change the world of music forever. I cried for 2 days straight when she got voted off. She deserved to win. She was misjudged by the American audience who failed to see past her “confidence” and “physical beauty” even going as far as saying she was cocky and pageantry. But what can she do? She is beautiful. should she hide her face with a mascot to hide her beauty so that people will not be jealous of her? Should she not approach American Idol as a happy 19-year old girl? should she waste time crying over her imperfections and brag about it on national tv? Angie was the only one to truly understand what it’s like to be on Idol, that we should all focus on the good things. Despite that, I know Angie will be successful. She will exceed all expectations and will garner the respect she deserves in due time. I am 21 years old and i have never been invested in an AI contestant since Carrie Underwood. God has bigger plans for her.

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