American Idol Recap Week 2 – Lennon and McCartney

Here are my views of how I felt my top 5 (that I chose last week) performed.  These are not in order of how I felt they ranked but in the order of performance on tonight’s show.  Of course I am saying Angie killed it and you can check out her performance here Angie Miller – Yesterday – American Idol 12… by IdolxMuzic

amber-holcombAmber Holcome was the third to perform during the show and the first to sound amazing!  She performed “She’s Leaving Home” and even though the judges didn’t love it, she sounded incredible on television.  Did anyone else forget we were watching a competition and thought we were just tuning into an Amber Holcome concert!  I did! Phenomenal!  Definitely staying in the top 5.

lazaro-arbosLazaro Arbos Lazaro sang “In My Life”.  He has such a smooth and silky voice.  I love to hear him talk and then hear him sing.  It is a complete transformation.  I don’t agree with what the judges said because he sounded wonderful on television.  I would say that out of my original top 5 he was the weakest.  BUT I think he is safe.  I am sure his fans will vote after the judges moved him to tears saying he doesn’t have the confidence and chose the wrong key.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the bottom 3.  I am disappointed with the judges’ commentary because he is a really great singer and I have yet to see the confidence issue of him singing that they discuss every show.

candice-gloverCandice Glover put her rock spin on “Come Together” during the show tonight.  Similar to how I felt I was watching Amber in concert, with Candice I felt like I was watching an award show and she was one of the guest performers!  REMARKABLE!  Top 3 again for this lady!

angie-millerAngie Miller Angie, Angie, Angie, Angie, Girl you are a star!  As I was listening I wrote down “stripped down performance”.  Angie sang “Yesterday” and you could hear the emotion in her voice.  Does that make sense?  As she worked her way through the song she had the power note, which had everyone cheering but then she had moments with little musical accompaniment and a softer tone.  You literally could just feel the emotion.  As Mariah said #POW and as Nicki shared, Angie can do anything and go anywhere, voiceovers, movies, rock music, Broadway.  I couldn’t agree more. This girl is a star!  Top 3 again for this lady!

devin-velezDevin Velez Sang “The Long and Winding Road” another smooth and endearing performance, the strongest male performance of the night.  I loved the riffs and it was like he was telling a story.  Mariah shared he could sing any genre and she would be impressed.  I can see Devin being in the Top 5.

For this week my picks for Top 3 are Angie, Candice and Janelle.


3 thoughts on “American Idol Recap Week 2 – Lennon and McCartney

  1. Hey, did you see my son’s name on idol tonight? The story is on my Fb page.

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  2. I didn’t see your post Leighton but that is so exciting! I was thinking when she was talking about the high school superalative her counterpart must have been psyched! Kudos to Kyle that is amazing!

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