The Power of a Tweet

For this blog, I prefer to write about my passion which is PR, social media and marketing.  I love identifying news stories and finding the marketing angle.  Coincidentally I have been following a hometown star that is now performing on the American Idol stage.  Perhaps you have seen/heard of Angie Miller (@AngieAI12)?  Last week, she was in the top 3 on the show and has a safe spot in the top 9.  As the local news promotes her rise to fame, I have been watching her and am thoroughly impressed with how well she is doing.

What I have noticed and written about in the The Branding of a Star post is that Angie has found a way to set herself apart from the competition with her unique style and humble personality.  How can you not want her to win?!?  She isn’t afraid to take chances and consistently impresses the judges and the fans!

So it seemed like the perfect blog post for PR-defied.

Little did I know that Angie Miller would find the post on Twitter thanks to her #Dreamer following.  1 shout out and thank you from this rising star and PR-defied has taken off!  1,950 views (and growing), 47 ReTweets and 98 Favorites on Twitter in just 7 hours!!

angie miller tweet+2

Not only does this show the power of a star and more importantly a teenager with a large Twitter following.  It shows the impact of a well-written blog and the weight of a tweet.  Businesses are starting to get the importance of social media.  But let the numbers speak for themselves.  When you have the audience, a tweet can take you far!

File Under: The Tweet Heard Round the World.


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