I’m bringing PR back

Ok, Ok. PR never went anywhere, I am the one that wandered.  You can take the girl out of PR but you cannot take PR out of the girl.  This is my journey back to the world of PR.

This blog is coming about 3 years – scratch that, 5 years too late – but it is better than never!  What is this blog about?  A Salem State College Communications alum, who took the path that was given to her after college and now she is trying to make her way back to the world of PR.

2007 – Graduated from SSC right before the economy took a nose dive.  Production Manager for the school newspaper, President of the Lambda Pi Eta, the SSC Chapter, 3.8 GPA, I graduated top 10% in the entire college class, member of the National Honor Society… so how did I end up working in an education department for a lighting manufacturer? I guess life just had other plans for me.

2008 – 2009 – I started out strong.  I found a Corporate Communications paid internship for a Fortune 500 company.  They loved me – I loved them, at the end of my internship they offered me a temp position until they could find a position for me in the company.  Looking back now, I might have made a different decision. I should have found a PR firm that would hire me then.  The economy started to falter and the next thing I knew, 2 months into 2009 and my temp contract – I was laid off.  Talk about a blow to the ego.  I worked so hard in school and everything was attainable to me, how did I end up in the unemployment line?

I started questioning everything, how could I work so hard for something and how could it slip away without my control?  I applied to places. No one would hire.  Then my former employer called back and offered me another temp position as an administrative assistant in the training department.  After being unemployed for 6 weeks, I had enough – I took the position.

2010 – I was promoted to Web Based Training Technician in the same department.  My responsibilities include running webcasts and creating online training courses – about light bulbs.  I am finally full time, I have benefits.  Life is great.  My foot is in the door, I have my heel holding it open.  I have made the connections, just waiting for that position to open up in Communications/Marketing.

2011 – 2012 – I was given the added responsibility to work on the education portion of the website.  I am slowly making my way back to Corporate Communications but I am still waiting for that position to open up.

That is a timeline of my professional life.

In my freelance career I have been putting along like a steam engine slowly gaining momentum – working towards a goal – to get back into the PR world.  I want to work in a PR agency or better yet, freelance my own PR career and support myself.  This blog is my next chapter.  While I was laid off in 2009, I spoke with a former professor who said, go into business for yourself.

BEST ADVICE EVER.  In that time I was able to freelance and build my resume.  It includes:

  • Helping a gym owner and personal chef service create an online presence using Facebook, all the while ghost writing blog entries.
  • Updating and revamping a travel agency website.
  • Creating a website for a real estate agent.
  • Producing, monitoring an online presence for Obsidian Divide, a local band. Coordinating an online radio gig and working as an on-site promoter at shows.
  • Composing blog entries for a clothing designer/entrepreneur.
  • And this year will be lining up advertising work for an online radio station.

So where does this blog come into play?  Back in college, that wise professor, assigned a semester-long project; maintain a journal of news stories and analyze those stories from a PR perspective.  Amazingly it helped build a tool box of ideas and kept the creativity flowing.  My plan for this blog is to assign that journal to myself, as a way to keep up my chops, hopefully build on my ever growing career and share my creativity with others.

Oh and if you know someone who is looking to hire a copywriter, PR specialist, website designer, social media guru…  send them the link to this blog or better yet, give them my email! JeannineHeisey@gmail.com



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